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Planting Preperation

Objective: Preparation to ensure harvested grain will be clean, reliable, pure in variety, safe, free of contaminants as required and able to meet market requirements.

Meeting the Requirments

  • Before and after planting, clean equipment paying particular attention to silos, bins, augers and other equipment used for pickled grain.
    This will help to prevent harvested grain from being contaminated.

  • If planting a genetically modified (GM) crop, meet the specific requirements defined for that technology, such as in the licence or agreement.


Other Practices to Consider in Your Grain Farming Enterprise

  • Ensuring the integrity of seed used for planting by using seed that is:

    • Labelled and traceable.

    • Tested to assure variety is what you expect.

    • Treated prior to sowing to prevent disease where needed.

    • Commercially sourced when required (particularly for canola).

  • Matching crop choice to paddocks based on weeds, pests, diseases, nutritional constraints, rotational history and resistance management.

  • Recording the seed variety sown, source of seed, seed treatments and sowing contractors (if used) for each paddock.

  • Keeping records of all cleaning operations if seed treatment has been used.

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