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Message from Industry Leaders

Australian grain has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Maintaining the recognised integrity of Australian grain as safe food and feed relies on all those involved in the growing, storage, handling and transport of our grain.


Growers today are managing more complex farming systems to supply more sophisticated markets and consumers. This guide aims to help growers understand the legal obligations, responsibilities and risks in their farming business. It is important for every Australian grain grower and all in the supply chain to understand and manage this so we can:

  • Maintain and expand markets. Many markets are demanding good farming practices in food safety, workforce conditions and environmental management.

  • Access valuable farm inputs and technologies. Regulators and technology providers need confidence that grain growers can be relied on to responsibly manage inputs. This is important for us to continue to access existing and new agricultural chemicals, plant varieties and technologies with workable use conditions.

  • Protect your family and workforce. Safety of farming families and workers is paramount.

  • Safeguard your business by understanding and meeting the legal obligations that relate to grain farming businesses and your role in the grains supply chain.

  • Simplify assurance requirements. Consistent industry principles may avoid different buyers each requiring their own assurance systems.

Leaders of grain farming associations from across Australia have worked with growers, advisers and technical specialists to prepare this information resource. This demonstrates the production sector’s commitment to supplying reliable grain. The post-farm sector has committed to the Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice to ensure Australian grain and grain products meet market requirements.


There are many differences between farms, states and markets. These checklists can be adapted to suit each farm. Formal processes that assure safe, reliable, quality grain may add value to farm production. We encourage growers to participate in an assurance or best practice program that is incorporating the principles in this guide, such as Grains BMP.


Please contact your local grower association for more information about growing reliable, high demand grain from Australian farms.

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